I want to thank you for a very nurturing class. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I got was so much more than I could have imagined. Thank you for being the Goddess you are and for allowing and supporting others in finding their own inner beauty and strength. 
Thanks again.

Tonight's class was great, I just wanted to let everyone know how much I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know each of you. It has been an enlightening experience for me and I feel as if anything is possible in my life now. Liz has been an amazing instructor and life coach and she has taught me more about myself than I could have ever thought possible. Thank you Liz, you are a blessing.

Thank you so much for this class. I am really enjoying the class. You provide a very safe environment and everyone is terrific!

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for creating such a memorable 40th birthday celebration for my niece Julie and all who were fortunate to attend her party. Your goddess presentation really brought out so much "soul" from some of the girls. Julie said her phone has been ringing all day with raves from her friends.

Your sensitivity, creativity, graciousness and charm are what make the Spirit of the Goddess so unique and special. You are truly a Goddess of goodness and beauty and your spirituality touches all.

Thank you again for everything!

I absolutely loved your goddess party! You are so knowledgeable about the cards and the different goddesses…and the questions you asked really made me dig deep for the true answers. It has been a couple of weeks since the impromptu party and it is still on my mind. What you told me about my goddess card that I choose and what we discussed has really stuck with me and made an impact. Wow I am totally blown away. Perhaps the BEST part of your goddess parties is watching and listening as others participate. Please keep me on your list for future goddess parties. Thank you so much for introducing me to the goddesses! 
Rachel M
Kansas City, MO

Thank you so much for being a part of my special 40th birthday celebration. The entire evening was truly amazing and I will never forget it. Your Goddess Party is a blast – I still keep getting phone calls from my friends raving about it. Could you tell I had a great time?! Thanks again for helping make the night so memorable.

Elizabeth is a dynamic woman, a true Goddess herself. Her energy is vibrant and her introduction to Goddess work riveting. My experience of working with Elizabeth in discovering my Goddess was invigorating. Now I know what I need to keep my inner Goddess alive. I will recommend Elizabeth to my clients, friends and colleagues.
Debra McLaughlin www.opendoorcoaching.com

The Goddess Speaks

I hired Elizabeth Stahl (Goddess Parties Celebrate the Magic and Power of Women in the Oct. 16 issue of The Jewish Journal) to give my best friend a goddess party for her 40th birthday. Liz flew out to Napa Valley, California and gave the most wonderful, sacred gift my girlfriend could receive. We all had an experience that not only brought us together as friends, but changed our lives as the goddesses we are all. I recommend this Goddess party to all my friends for all types of occasions or just as the occasion to celebrate being a woman.

Jacqueline Goldman
Malibu, CA

Hello Goddess Elizabeth:
I am still floating on air from that incredible party. I told my husband that no one could have had a better 60th birthday party. You were a charming and delightful facilitator and I thank you for your creation. One of my friends called to tell me she used her "power card" to deal with a difficult situation she had today.
Hope to see you again soon at more parties.
Gratefully, Barbara

Elizabeth is a beautiful magical woman with a gift for bringing women together to connect with our selves and each other. The sacred space she created at the goddess party I attended allowed me to access and embody my inner goddess. And sharing this with the other women and witnessing their sharing with me created a powerful experience of seeing and being seen, not to mention lots of fun! I would recommend Elizabeth's goddess parties to any woman who is looking for an opportunity to playfully deepen connection with a group of women.
D.R. New York

Elizabeth embodied beauty, strength and a celebration of womanhood with her Goddess Party. She invited each of us to tap into our own unique gifts shifting a nice social gathering into a special and memorable event.
The Goddess Crowns were such a special addition. Everyone seemed to find their perfect expression among the various choices and wearing them added a lightheartedness to the party. Thank you again for a memorable evening!
Karen J

Dear Elizabeth,
I loved our evening! 
Our female experiences, as different as they are, were brought together once again in a circle of friends allowing the creation of such closeness between women as I have rarely felt. Truly special! Both gatherings that I have been a part of have made the connections and friendships with the women present much deeper and richer. What I truly enjoyed was being allowed to bring some special women into the circle that were not able to attend, like our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, far-away (or close) friends. By connecting with their spirits their energies were added to the group and each of our stories became deeper and more touching; it made the gathering even more magic! I look forward to continuing my life in the spirit you revived in me... Thank you so much.

I am so happy I met you,
see you soon, latest on the 21st?????
Love Anke

Good morning!
Thank you for a WONDERFUL evening on Friday. The feedback was very positive. The circle seemed to be both fun and cathartic which is always good for women. Everyone thought you were totally cool and the Ultimate Goddess - me too.
Thanks again and thanks for the Goddess tee shirt.
Stay cool,
Picking my Goddess card allowed me to honor my decision with my family…and move toward my vision of my dreams.

Elizabeth reached out with her Goddess cards and touched my very soul in a way that profoundly impacted my future. She connects with total presence and grace. I am looking forward to a long and productive relationship with her.
Patte Woodson

Thank you to Elizabeth, for the confirmation of this wisdom and worthiness she brought forth to me with the Goddess cards and her virtual parties.
Marilyn Bennett
Elizabeth uses the Goddess Cards to help you remember who you already are and where you are. The Goddess cards reminds you and confirms your current moment and situation. Can’t wait to enjoy a Goddess Party.
Lisa Harper

Dear Elizabeth:

Thank you for sharing your valuable insight The Goddess Speaks on Love and the Law of Attraction.

I sent your article to all the women I love from Boston to England.

Thanks for doing great work that makes a positive difference in the world. 

Warm Regards,
Margaret Re

The Goddess Party is a perfect way to celebrate your life and special friendships. It is an experience for the heart and soul for all who attend.

Everyone was given the opportunity to feel like a goddess...I was given a crown with 17 jewels representing all the people there. I will save it forever. -GAM

I’ve thrown and attended a lot of baby showers and bachelorette parties. The only one I can recall is the Goddess Party. It leaves an indelible mark on your heart. -SWG

People had never experienced anything like it. I’ll never forget it...I will cherish the experience Always! - HEF

It was the best birthday party I’ve ever had. The whole evening felt beautiful and magical for all of us. -SGS

We were honoring a friend that we love, and Elizabeth , who is a very joyful and spiritual person, embellished it. It was a wonderful evening of enjoyed friendship. –CP

A belated thank you for your presentation a couple of weeks ago. We just had our Sisterhood meeting where it was re-capped. Everyone I've spoken to agrees it was quite a successful evening - enjoyable, informative and fun. Again, thank you so much for a wonderful evening.





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